Sunday, May 8, 2011

Well I feel awful and now I also

feel slightly - ugh do I really want to write this? I just am so tired and what is the point? I really don't get it. I do all this work and I feel like I am getting nowhere and where am I trying to get to anyway? I'm so lonely. I'm fat. I am always in HALT. I need to stop writing this. I will feel better tomorrow right? Maybe? I'm so fucking depressed. I have pimples all over my face and neck for some reason. For some reason? The bread, cheese, candy, pizza, nachos, not enough water, stress, exhausted reason. I have to stop. I don't think this boutique job is going to work out. I couldn't find anything to wear there today and I also got so annoyed that I was shopping to buy clothes I wouldn't normally wear. She doesn't like my style. I have to go. So depressed and I hate all things. Boo Blueberry but not to you.

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