Saturday, May 28, 2011

Old black guy on the subway stairs.

I was walking through the subway station to get to the train and I went down this set of stairs to get to the uptown train. There was this reaaaaally old black guy with gray dread locks sitting in between the 2 sets of stairs leaning against the railing. He had a cup out and by sitting where he was there was no way you couldn't walk by him whether you were going up or down the stairs. He looked so frail to me and desperate - thin. I didn't want to walk by him and I was so annoyed. There was a small group of black boys - in their late teens - maaaybe early twenties ahead of me and I thought to myself - oh I hope they don't pick on him. Then I was annoyed by THAT. This guy was causing me so much angst. Well as the boys walked by him he went "Ahh!!!" and jumped at them a little bit with his upper body. He scared the shit out of them! They scattered and ran down the steps and he started lauuughing and said "I got you!! Hahaha I got you!!!" One of the boys laughed and it was hilarious. I really got a kick out of that. When I got to the platform I realized I was going towards the wrong way train - going downtown instead of up. So I had to go walk by the old guy again and I realized he wasn't so frail and he made my night. That was a long time ago and I kept meaning to write about it. I keep thinking about it. I so don't see things right sometimes and I have negative thoughts. I'm worried that I have no love inside of me. I dreamed last night that I was buying clip on nose earrings. They were heavily jeweled and they filled up my whole nose but I wanted them. I also dreamed I bought a game that involved a globe and a fishing pole. I forgot the globe, clip on nose rings and some other part of my game at the store but I had the fishing pole. What am I fishing for? Compliments about the love inside me? Eeee oooooo. I have to got to the boutique. Bye for now Blueb.

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