Tuesday, May 24, 2011

They are using my shower all week.

Boris and the landlord are using my shower this week because he rented out his bedroom along with the other 2 bed and breakfast rooms. He just casually asked if they could use my shower "sometime this week when I wasn't here" and so like an ass I actually believed he would only be in my room a couple of times this week. Instead it is a couple times of day. I swear to God that man didn't shower for the first year and a half I lived here and now he's taking a shower every day? In my shower. With his boyfriend. Ew. EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!. Oh my fucking Ew. When I said it was okay he also said he would use their shower when the guests weren't in his room so - ugh - well another lesson learned. I just really have to say that it's so - I just don't know. Oh I do know - it's invasive. It's boundarieless and it's rude and gross. Okay THAT being said it's also no big deal AT ALL. I just really value what little privacy I have and now it feels violated to the umpth degree. Maybe no that much. Look I'm really just writing about it because it's so ridiculous. I just have to stand the feelings that's all. Next time if this happens I will just ask for money off my rent. There you go. I'm dreaming of my own apartment. With a refrigerator and a door that locks that no one else has a key to and a bathroom people don't use while I'm not here. My own place - I want my own place. I am going to keep writing about how ridiculous this place is until I move. I can at least get it out of me a little bit. I'm trying to find the humor in it. Okay well um I haven't so far but here are some good things. I had a great day yesterday - after the boutique I took a walk and then I took a 2 hour nap. The I went to therapy and it was really fabulous. I learned about the semi-permeable membrane layer. You're welcome!! Then I walked to my meditation meeting and that was awesome also. I learned a lot. Then I walked MORE to whole foods and got some yummy food. Grilled salmon, steamed kale and mac and cheese. I swear eating that kale is like chewing grass but I like it. So strange. So there you go. Now I have a meeting to go run and then I am going to come home and do my hair, nails and toes. Thank God for this new job because I was experiencing some serious boredom. Exhaustion and boredom. Really? Lethargy and boredom. Stagnant energy. Oh Blueberry you are such a good listener. Byeeeee for nowwww!!

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