Thursday, May 19, 2011


I got a good night's sleep and I took care of my self yesterday by going to a meeting and walking part of the way home from work. I'm a bit overwhelmed but I'm SO happy to be busier and I like working at the boutique. She's going to pay me more per hour so that when taxes come out I still get paid the same as everyone else - I guess who aren't on the books? How NICE is that?? So nice and thank God!!! I had a good long talk with a friend and I feel much better about the Benedryl thing. I also talked to Her Lady Wonder about it. I just have to keep putting my sobriety first and keep going to meetings no matter what. The one I went to yesterday had 8 people at it! I can get to one today as long as I leave the boutique RIGHT at 6. Oh duh even if I have to leave a little bit after I can still get to the meeting. Right. Okay I have to get ready and go. I finally have my own keys tot he boutique so I don't have to run the keys to her building at the end of the night so that's good. Maybe I can write more when I am there at the boutique. Larni wants to turn his videos into a children's show. I got so sick to my stomach when he said that. I don't know - sound awful but maybe? Anyway I'm going to keep going forward on my own work - which he doesn't like or believe in ANYWAY. He used to. Why so negative? I am just scared. I guess it's all about fear. Really? Do I really believe that? Ha - it's all about resentments. What? It's all about love. There you go Blueberry - it's all about love. Bye!

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