Saturday, May 21, 2011

I want love in my life.

Love, love, love, love love. I want some warmth and ease - some peace of mind. Kindness and hugs and simplicity. I guess I'm thinking that comes with a boyfriend? Who knows but I'm am ready for some softness and I think I actually might want to have a baby. Maybe. Let's start with more love. Everything is fine at the boutique - she asked me to work an extra day next week. I have a few days off starting tomorrow so I can get lots of things done and be more ready for when I do work there. I'm going to get a water bottle - I researched them today. I still haven't gotten paid but thank God I have my comedy club job so my bills are paid. It's a gorgeous day out today and I'm working the pre-show so that should be good. I won't be able to go to a meeting but I can tomorrow. I wish I could worry less - I'm such a big worrier. I was so upset about the boutique and fucking up but I woke up today and I was like - okay - I can't worry anymore - it's too exhausting. Then turns out it's all okay. I think I'm going to pray and meditate before I get in the shower. I am going to keep focusing on the love. The Tao says that we have 3 treasures, simplicity,patience and compassion. The compassionate one is the most interesting because it says "Compassionate towards ourselves we reconcile all beings in the world." I'm going to be as loving and compassionate towards myself as I can be today. Amen Blueberry Amen.

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  1. Let's see I think I wrote about that before. Well good - it's important.