Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today is another busy day!

I am going to work at the boutique for just 2 hours while my friend goes to an audition and then get to my meeting and then the premiere and show at Planet Hollywood. I hope this is hilarious - I laughed so hard when Larni told me what he wanted to do. Premiere some of the new videos and have a red carpet and one of those step and repeat banners where people will take photos. So the idea behind the video we did on Sunday was Larni making his way through the craziness of Times Square as he is approaching the show and then just as the video ends he bursts into the room. So it's like completely ridiculous and Hollywood but for these little tiny videos and hopefully it will be so silly. He's going to have someone (the drunk woman actually from Sunday night) interview people on the red carpet. She has been a journalist and done interviews for years so it should be great. She's going to ask ridiculous questions. I'm a little nervous. It will be okay. I need a shower right now and to walk the dog. I am a little bit nervous also about this addition of a new job and having to spend money to make money. A couple times I have had to take cabs to this new job in order to be on time. I don't make enough money to warrant that. I have to be careful. I also spent a lot of money on Sunday to do that show - although I bought things I can reuse a lot. Okay I spent 26 dollars which I guess isn't INSANE but I made 10 and ugh. I just want to be careful. I want to save money not just be busier and spending more. Okay - I had to say that. I wanted to take Benedryl last night because I was so annoyed and frustrated and I knew it would help me sleep right away. As I walked to the Bodega I said to myself "I shouldn't be doing this and if God doesn't want me to then there won't be any there." Well there wasn't any there and I was so annoyed and I had to walk almost a whole block before I remember I said that if God doesn't want me to there won't be any. I guess the urge to drink or use some kind of drugs is still floating up high in me and I just have to say it and be careful. I just have to be honest. I told my therapist. I have to go and get ready for this day. I will let you know how it goes. Here's to you Blueberry!!

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