Sunday, May 15, 2011

Okay how am I going to do all this?

Let's see - verrrry carefully!! Alright. Okaaayyyy. I just need to breathe. Yesterday was okay - I just got really stressed at he end of the day with the boutique when a woman came in and tried on like 25 things after the store had been closed for 7 minutes. But she bought 3 dresses so I feel it was worth it. I got to work at the other job just in time and then it was super busy there and I made really good money. I threw a fit because - well it doesn't matter why - I just have to make an ammends right now for it. I am really tired but I feel much better than I did after that first double and I love being up in the morning. I need to find some other clothes or figure out a way to look or rather feel prettier when I am there - I think it will help a lot. I need to get to the bank before 4 and I also need to get to a meeting somehow today. There is one at 4 - can I make it? The bank and then a meeting - then the show? I can't go to the show I wanted to see which is such a bummer. I ate really well yesterday until I got to work but at least I know I can eat healthy at the boutique. It's strange - I feel kind of apathetic about this show tonight - nervous and like - well - just tired. I can work that in - she can be tired - the character I'm doing can be tired. I swear I smell cigarette smoke all the time. How is that possible? I see people smoke now and I think it is so disgusting. How crazy is it that I used to smoke? Pot and cigarettes - all the time. I have to go - is it hot in here? Holy shit I feel like I'm going to pass out. Okay - good attitude in check and ready for action. I love you Blueberry - bye for now!

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