Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One year today.

I have been writing on this blog for on year and now I am sober for one year and 8 months. I guess I feel better - I can fall asleep now and that was definitely not happening a year ago. I also can move around better although sometimes my leg still hurts. I leave the house more now and I have started to pay off old bills and I pay my bills for the most part on time. I still feel like I struggle with feeling lack - lack of time, lack of money, lack of love. I started to do some Yoga and I started walking everywhere. I consistently pray and meditate and I take good care of this crazy little dog. I'm trying to be honest but I don't want to be - I want to sound good. I want to sound pretty. LOL!! I'm not even laughing. They are doing construction next door and I am finding it very distracting. It's really banging and loud plus they smoke cigarettes. I need to go film something with Larni and I for sure love doing that but I do not feel like my creativity is back in full swing if it was ever in full swing. I perhaps had more of a creative practice - that's all. I'm completely sexually frustrated......still. This house is still crazy but it seems a little bit better. Is it supposed to rain? If it rains we can't film this outside. How may times do I write I? So many. I woke up so tired but now I realize if I hadn't woken up for this video I would have been awoken by these wall bangers. Smoking wall bangers. It's also Boris though - he still smokes under the window. That is still annoying. I'm fighting off a cold. Holy shit this construction is crazy. Happy One Year Anniversary Blueberry Blog!!!

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