Thursday, March 22, 2018


Well life will be on hold for me for another couple of months.  I have to do radiation next and it's going to be once a day, five days a week for a month.  I will be very tired and okay OKAY.  Yeesh.  I didn't want to do it at first but then I heard mastectomy again and I was like FUCK THAT I will do the radiation.  I just can't wrap my brain around more surgery and such a - I can't even write it.  I can't do it that's all.  I will do the radiation.  I'm exhausted even though I slept - are you ready for this?  12 HOURS last night.  What?  Almost the whole way through.  I think I woke up to pee but I don't really remember and I woke up around 8:30 and went back to sleep until 10:00.  Holy shit right?  I was so excited to go back to auditions and run around doing that again.  So excited!  Now it won't be until JUNE.  Oh well I look awful anyway and I don't have any hair, eyebrows or eyelashes.  I'm also super puffy and fat from the steroids.  It's okay - I must need to rest.  There must be a reason I am on hold still.  I'm on hold!  Holy shit I just got so tired - I'm going to lay down.  Love you Bluebie byeeee.

Sunday, March 18, 2018


I'm back in bed.  It's okay I will get out soon and go to meetings and it will be an okay day.  The guy woke up last night and was so upset about money.  I mean his business is quiet right now and he feels so much pressure because I can barely work.  He wasn't upset with me at all just upset that he's not making enough money.  My God it has been like this my whole life - or at least that's what I am telling myself right now.  How in the fuck can I get healthy and then go back to work and instantly feel stressed about money?  I don't know.  That can't be good and I don't know what to do.  I have to pee hold on.  Okay now we spoke a little bit and he is saying I just need to heal and get better.......

I'm just upset today.  I'm so exhausted and I am tired of not feeling well.  I blow my nose 1000 times a day.  I don't have a cold I just have a constant runny nose that often bleeds.  HOW SEXY IS THAT SHIT RIGHT THERE.  Ugh.  The mind fuck is that I am NOT really sick - it's side-effects form the chemo.  I'm not sick from cancer or anything else, just sick from the treatment.  I guess it's still sick which is why I am being easy on myself and staying in bed.  Oh boy feeling sorry for myself!  Good Christ.

Okay it's just alcoholism attacking him and then I think it's Alanonism attacking me.  Maybe it's both attacking me.  This hasn't been how my whole life has been anyway.  What?  A really nice guy taking care of me while I heal from cancer and one time he's upset about the financial pressure he's under?  No - that is not how my whole life has been.  The financial stress feels real and pervasive.  The deprivation feels real and pervasive.  I don't know if they are though.  UGH.  I'm so glad it's sunny today!  It would be so much harder if it were a cloudy day today.  I'm going to relax and read for a little bit.  I'm almost done with Radical Remission.  It's helped me so much.  Then I'm going to take a shower and then I will feel better and go to my Sunday meetings.  Maybe in between I will eat a taco and life will show me its wonders.  I will see the wonders of life through a taco.  Amen.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

How Can I Get Quiet and Drink Enough Water

Okay SO.  I have decided that one of the things I have been doing these past bunch of years besides not eating well is not letting myself get quiet enough.  I have been meditating almost everyday but you know what?  I think I was phoning it in!  Just saying the mantra and getting quietISH but not really getting quiet - not really plugging in.  So okay I just want to give that to myself.  A truer meditation practice.  Also I don't drink enough water.  I have had trouble since I have been on the chemo since it makes me very dry and I just can't seem to drink enough of it.  I started to drink coconut water to help but then the guy suggested Smart water and I have been drinking that instead.  I think it has helped a little bit but I did some calculations today and realized I need to drink way more.  Anyway so that's what I have been thinking about this morning.....meditation and truly getting quiet and totally hydration.  Good Christ is this all so tedious or what?  I mean I am like sloooooowly doing all these things and I feel like I am in kindergarten or something.  It's okay and aren't I lucky I have the time to do all this.  I'm back in bed - I just love being in our bedroom lately....seeing the trees and sky outside the windows and the sun coming in - I just love it.  I guess I'm having some sort of spiritual awakening.  I was thinking about something this morning and I was getting tense, my shoulders were going up - right?  Then I let it go and my whole body felt different.  Oh my GOD - how am I going to go back to auditioning and doing stuff?  How am I going to take care of myself.  I need SO much to take care of myself now.  Yikes is this so self-centered?  Is it just self-centered enough?  What can I say - I got cancer and now I am VERY VERY concerned with healing and not having it come back.  I think I am entitled to that right?  COME ON.  This is making my boob hurt.  I am going to start meditating a second time during the day.  Or at night.  Twice.  I should do that and my tenth step at the same time - I mean meditate, then do the tenth step.  Well it's a nice, sunny day and we are going to go for a walk and get some groceries, then I will make dinner.  I made pasta last night and it was delicious.  Gluten free organic past with an organic tomato sauce with ground beef that was also organic.  Yum!  The guy loved it.  MAN do I fucking love cooking.  It makes me so fucking happy.  So that's nice and healing.  I love grocery shopping too.  It's fun.  Do you want to hear something really sick?  Last night I was doing the dishes and I thought to myself "I love doing the dishes."  WHO THE FUCK AM I???  A person who thrives on calm, quiet living.  That's who.  A person who loves to cook, grocery shop and do the dishes.  A person who also loves show business but has to be very careful how she operates herself in that business.  Okay now I'm going to read for a little bit till the guy comes home.  Love you Bluebie!  Byeeeee.

Friday, March 16, 2018

My Immune System

My Immune System deserves to be in capital letters - everyone's does - right?  It works so hard and keeps us alive.  Okay mine was working too hard I guess because I got cancer but that's my point.  I need to work with my Immune System now.  It's all about me and my body working together to keep me alive.  Right?  Well that's what I want anyway and from everything I have read and mind you I still don't REALLY understand what the fuck cancer is BUT from what I understand when your body and your Immune System are too overworked then the Immune System can't do it's job and we get sick and get cancer or whatever else our body is trying to fight off but can't.  So.  So what can I do to help my Immune System?  I'm not entirely sure but I am reading this book - I have been reading this book called Radical Remission and it's about people who recovered from cancer after they were told they were going to kick that bucket and/or chose to use something other than conventional methods to get better.  Some people used conventional methods and alternative treatments.  Regardless they survived and they did in ways that are not traditionally used.  What?  Am I making sense?  Here are the things (did I do this already?) that the author found most people did in order to no particular order and everyone did a varying degree of these things (seriously did I write this already!?)...

-Radically changing your diet
-Taking control of your health
-Following your intuition
-Using herbs and supplements
-Releasing suppressed emotions
-Increasing positive emotions
-Embracing social support
-Deepening your spiritual connection
-Having strong reasons for living

All of these combined, in my opinion and from what I understand so far from this book, help the Immune System work and GET RID OF THAT CANCER FOR GOOD.  Okay and what about this?  Those are all great things to do even if you DON'T have cancer - right??  Just now as I was typing this what popped out at me as THE DIFFICULT ONE for me is "Releasing suppressed emotions."  It might as well be in neon lights.  Man that is a hard one for me.  But so what I guess.  It's all about practice right?  I mean that's what I do with the program - I practice.  I practice not picking up a drink or a drug one day at a time.  I can PRACTICE releasing suppressed emotions.  The book talks about letting the emotions wash over us and then go away.  I love that.  For years my therapist has been telling me to let myself feel angry - especially because the world and people can be so enraging.  SO.  So here's an added tool.  I can FEEL the feelings, then release them and let them wash over me.  What?  That sound exhausting no?  FEEL the feelings and let them wash over me and THAT'S the release.  How odd that that seems so much less exhausting.  Anyway it's a great book and I just want to feel better and live better.  Holy shit I reconnected with an old friend who I haven't spoken to in 12 years.  We talked today and it WAS SO NICE.  Life is bonkers man, just nuts.  Just a big old bag of dusty nuts.  But in a really cool way.  WHAT?  Byeeeeeeee.

Monday, March 12, 2018

New Day - New Week

That's going to be the name of my newspaper.  My NEWSPAPER?  My magazine?  Haha - no one does newspapers anymore.  Aw that's sad.  Anyway it's a New Day in a New Week and that seems great.  It's sunny out today which always lifts my spirits.  I love waking up in the morning and opening all the blinds and letting the sun shine on the plants - it makes me so happy.  I can hear the birds and this makes me happy too.  I've decided I want to be happy and healthy.  That's it!  That's what I want!  It's upsetting that my hair is white (not blonde unless I want to lie to myself - they guy keeps saying it's blonde but it's white - gray and WHITE) because it makes me feel old but guess what?  I did get old.  I had been pushing myself and not taking care of myself while being filled with resentments and fears.  So okay but also so what?  That's what happened and I got cancer.  But now - NOW I am getting better and I am learning and relearning all sorts of things and I can heal now.  Lots of people get white hair who gives a shit?  Hmmmmm - I have lost my point and man was I being passionate about it!  Haha.  Anyway new direction in life that's all.  The show was so fun last night but it was so so exhausting to do.  So I am going to take the next few weeks and just relax.  Well after I do 2 more podcasts this week - then I will relax.  I'm excited for the one today - I have been wanting to do it for years!  Okay so my new life direction is happiness and healthiness and it starts with acceptance.  That's it!  Love you Bluebie byeeeee.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


It's Sunday and I am back in my bed but just so I can write - I'm not sick today.  I'm tired but I feel okay.  We watched Hidden Figures last night - holy shit what a great movie!  The guy has been trying to get me to watch that movie but I didn't want to because I thought it would be boring.  Omg!  It wasn't even a little bit boring!!  Anyway it was fantastic.  I am still run down from the chemo but I have been resting a lot so I'm somewhat okay today.  I am breaking out now is the only thing.  For some reason I have pimples ALL over my face.  the pussy kind.  Wait that's not the right word.  Pusy?  How do you spell puss - pus?  OMG!  I have to look it up.  OH - the correct word is purulent.  I HAVE PURULENT PIMPLES ON MY FACE.  Okay.  Okay great.  We all learned something here and that's that everyone will still say pussy pimples and mean pusy not pussy.  OKAY GREAaaaaat.  Well anyway.........

So I am bald, I don't have any eyelashes and most of my eyebrows are gone.  I have pimples all over my face and the hair that I do have growing in is WHITE.  However what's positive?  I have been able to rest - a lot and that's because my guy is being incredible patient and kind while I heal.  I took a nap for 2 hours yesterday after we went for a 45 minute walk.  Holy cow!  I've had so much love and support from so many people and the jobs that I do have are being SO NICE while I get better and just go when I can.  Okay so that's great right?  When I put on my makeup and wigs I look fine.  I'm so happy it's winter - I've said it before but I will say it again.  This would have been so hard if it were Summer.  Wearing a wig in the heat!?  Good Lord.  Now what else??

I have a show tonight.....I'm so tired but I think I am excited for the show.  The guy is going to bring me and he just loves going to shows so that will be fun too.  I'm going to see someone who is exhausting to see but I have told myself it's practice and also - isn't there always someone who is exhausting to see?  It's just patience and self-care....I just can practice saying hi, keeping my feet on the ground, taking care of myself, breathing and conserving my energy.  DOESNT THAT SOUND FUN.  I would die if someone had to do all that just to fucking say hi to me.  I'm sure people used to have to do that!  I was a hot fucking mess to be around good lord.  Charming but exhausting.  Oooooo - I like that.  Charming But Exhausting.  I don't like it anymore.  Okay well LOVE you Bluebie - byeeeeee.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Still Compromised.....

I'm a hot mess.  The steroid has now worn off for this week and I am back in bed.  I am so so tired - just exhausted.  The chemo is cumulative and this week and last week it really feels like it.  I was able to make it through Thursday last week without getting back in bed but this week I am back in bed ON Thursday.  I don't have anything to do so it's okay.  The kids don't have school or power so the dad has them at a hotel.  I don't have any shows or anything until Sunday so that's good too.  So I can be in bed and rest and read.  I was STARVING yesterday from the steroid.  I ate 4 cinnamon rolls.  FOUR.  I would have eaten more but the guy was here and watching me.  I could have eaten the whole pan seriously.  I also ate 2 burgers - NO BUNS.  How's that for self-control???  2 BURGERS NO BUNS.  Good Christ.  I'm trying SO HARD to be nice to myself.  I'm telling myself I'm not doing anything wrong I'm just compromised from chemo and having a reaction to the steroids.  Everyone gets crazy and hungry on steroids - that's what ROID RAGE is all about!  It's a real thing!  I'm doing so good!  I have been very positive and so grateful that I can be home and resting.  We have power and that has been amazing!  The snow storm was completely crazy and so many people, schools, churches and businesses don't have power.  I get to be home, here in my bed with my pajamas on AND my hair is growing back.  It's gone from white to blonde now.  Is it possible my hair will grow back in BLONDE?  How fucking weird is that?  After coloring my hair for the last bunch of years it's weird to think of it growing in the color I actually WANT it to be.  I'm sure it will keep changing.  All I need to do is rest and be kind to myself.  I felt a huge shift after I meditated this morning so I think I will meditate again this afternoon.  Is this where acceptance comes in?  I think yes.  My finger nails are getting a little funny from the chemo - I hope they don't fall off.  I have been using the tea tree oil on them like they told me to.  I am going to rest.  I am going to rest and read and continue to practice being nice to myself and accept that just for today I need to just be calm.  The sun is shining on my bed right now and it's so lovely.  I am going to be done in 3 weeks and then I will start to heal and blossom with the Spring.  I am so grateful that this treatment was in the Winter.  Love you Bluebie bye.