Tuesday, March 29, 2016

omg so busy

I'm on the 1:00 am train back home - just hosted a show.  I met with a trainer today, met my scene partner, had class, ran and did a podcast, went to a meeting and then hosted the show. I've been crazy the last 2 weeks because I've been working at both jobs but now I'm just at the waitress job. No more Cunty Buns. Aw and ahhhh what a relief. Man I've been working my ass off. Class is weird - it's hard being new. Also I'm not sure - we'll I was going to say I'm not sure how well I'm working but that's not true - I'm doing good work - today was just weird. Ah - it happens - with everyone. The show tonight was super fun - Jesus right when I was deciding I don't need to do comedy anymore - that I just  need to act. Anyway - we'll  exhausted. But sooooo glad to be back at the restaurant. I have to rest - love you Blueberry byeee.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Smell ya later Cunty Buns

I went back to the restaurant and got my job back. Trained Friday, worked yesterday and now I'm here working with Cunty Buns but I gave my notice yesterday. Can you imagine how sucks of a person you have to be to drive someone back to waitressing? Ugh. Anyway I'm going to be exhausted the next few weeks while the jobs overlap. She was a total bitch when I came in this morning - then asked me if I found a job that "suited me more." Haha what a bitch. I said " yes I did" very politely. Then SHE said "that's AWESOME CONGRATS." And I went outside and haven't had any conversation with her since. Except for helping people questions. She asked me what I got for lunch and I just said I grabbed something. Freeing myself from relating to her is the nicest thing I have ever done for myself - what a relief. She's all jacked up on something right now - her energy is all over the place. Anyway who cares I'm out of here thank God. Ah sigh. Started my new day class and it's awesome although I know no one.  Anyway it's much later now - I'm on the train on the way home. I'm sad and I have a cold. I hate how much I hate that woman but right now at this very moment I'm going to embrace it. I'm going to radically embrace hating her because she's hateful. She's aggressive dominant manipulative arrogant unkind not funny rude and has no sense of emotional, physical and personal boundaries.  So this combination of things makes one hateful. Oh and she's fucking lazy. Haha what a fucking turd. She's a giant fucking piece of shit. Wow I'm angry. I'm going to commit to my anger right now.  And have compassion for myself. And I'm going to go home and eat ice cream. Bye. Love.