Friday, May 6, 2011

Long day today....

I have to train again at this new job and go work the other one. I am awake and I have coffee and the dog on my lap. I made my bed and my clothes are ready to go. I just have to take a shower and walk her. I worked last night at the comedy club and it was horrriiibbbllee. Horrible. I still need the money and I definitely will need to work both jobs for awhile but I am completely over it. I bought myself flowers on the way home so that helped. Peonies - my favorite. They smell so pretty and they are beauuutiful. The way past it is through it so I am going through this. I have to run now - I will write more later - maybe??? There is a computer there at the boutique - if she leaves today I can write there. I thought I loved Soft Hugger again and then my stomach hurt sooooooo badly when I saw him. It might have been the sardines I had for lunch but I don't think so. So such a no. SO strange. But my stomach knows what I don't - that's for sure. Bye Blueberry - I hope we both have a good day!!!

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