Friday, May 27, 2011

What a good day into a horrible night.

The boutique was great and then the comedy club was horrifying. I was trying to be funny and then I crashed and burned. I was doing this really deep man voice to this guy who works there and saying it was my inner transvestite who has feelings for him. He didn't like it at all. He asked me if we beat dead horses on our farm growing up. It hurt my feelings. I actually like and respect him and he was just like - shut the fuck up. I came home and the dog had diarrhea and it looked like someone stepped in it. They were totally in my room because the light was on. I swear to God - what the fuck? I am trying SO hard and nothing is any better. I'm just lonely and more exhausted now. I have horrible PMS and I'm so tired. Thank God I took tonight off from the comedy club. I felt so gross while I was there and after. 2 girls drank before work and it was so annoying. I am just tired - it will be okay and thank God I have tonight off. Another double tomorrow. Oh my. I didn't drink and if I had I so wouldn't be awake right now. So there you go - there's the good thing. Bye Blueberry.

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