Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Knife Stealing Lady is here....

she stays here sometimes and pays him in marijuana. She's so fucking creepy. I think I wrote about this before but the first time she stayed here she left a bag in the kitchen - a small paper bag with handles - one you could fit a lunch in - and she had taken all sorts of food from the fridge, tea bags and knives from the kitchen drawer. Like 8 of them. She had also made herself a couple of sandwiches and taken some of my yogurt drinks I had in the fridge. Then she had the balls to call him up and ask if she left a bag there!! She is another reason I refuse to use that kitchen anymore. Now she is staying here and he is gone. She says hi all nice and weird, I hate it. Well hopefully soon I can move. It is so much better here but seriously?? Who let's someone come and stay at their house who does that? I guess the same person who let my drunk disaster of an ass stay here. I let my dog pee all over his carpet for fucks sake. I suppose it's actually very nice of him. He has ACTUAL silverware here though. I have no idea it's none of my business. I am so tired but I feel much better after meditating. MUCH. Byyeeeeee.

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