Monday, February 20, 2017


I definitely feel better.  Being able to be here more in the apartment and cook and stuff has really helped.  What?  What does that mean?  It means I need as much time off as I work.  I just need so much recovery time and I need to be able to sleep, exercise, meditate and REST.  Also cook.  And DO DISHES.  Blech.  I cant stand doing dishes but it makes the guy so upset when I don't.  So I do them.  He does so much.  It's sunny out and that helps times million.  Also I have a home group here now so I see people every week and I'm reaching my hand out to people who are new or coming back so that helps.  I'm not just showing up at meetings trying to get something out of it - I am showing up trying to bring something to the meeting.  I need to lay down.  I didn't sleep well last night - I had too much coffee too late.  I always have these dreams where I am peeing someplace completely inappropriate - like a dressing room or something like that.  Like the floor of the dressing room.  Last night it was a massage parlor and I sat on the table and peed through the facehole.  While I was doing it I thought no one will notice this pee right?  Because there was carpet so I thought it would just go soak in and be gone.  Then some people walked in and I was like oh nothing to see here I definitely wasn't just peeing off the massage table.  Good lord.  Okay gotta go - love you Bluebie bye.

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