Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm going to the boutique and I wish

I was excited or anything less than kind of dreading it. Well let's look at it this way - I really need the money and perhaps it will lead to something else and if it's reaaally awful I can leave. I'm just tired and out of my routine. Here's the good thing - I actually went to bed last night so that I could get 8 hours of sleep. I actually took care of myself that way and that is amazing. So there you go - teeny, tiny steps towards feeling better. I have a sore throat - I hope it's just allergies? How am I going to make it through this weekend? Veeerrryy carefully. I have to go pray/meditate and goooooo sell 300 shirts you could buy at Target for 12 on sale. Wish me luck Blueb - I love you.

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