Friday, May 27, 2011

I feel better.

I walked and walked, went to a meeting, ate a healthy dinner and walked the dog. PLUS I watched a movie that made me cry and cry plus it had hot sex scenes and I LOVED it. Those creepy fucking dudes aren't here and neither is anyone else and I cried and cried - LOUD and it was fucking amazing. Holy shit I have to move. I didn't realize how stiffled I am here. Okay I knew - what the fuck am I talking about but I KNOW now. Fuck - holy fuck. Well I guess maybe my idea of God is changing - I don't know. There is nothing wrong with me questioning the idea of one solid God figure. I know I believe in spirit - one spirit running through things. I am going to bed. I have to be at the boutique early and then the comedy club. So much barf on the comedy club. I am - okay - let's just say that. I am for sure an alcoholic. A sober one but I am one none the less. Bye Blueberry. Thanks for being here.

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