Friday, May 13, 2011

Okaaaayyy so here we go!

Blogger was down for a little while which was perfect because then I finally wrote my piece for Sunday. I worked 14 hours yesterday and I am doing another double tomorrow. Sunday I am going to try to go see a show, rehearse for the piece I'm in on Sunday night, do the show and then I'm filming something for Larni. It sounds really fun what he wants to do on Sunday and it's in Times Square so it's perfect. I also have to get to my meeting on Sunday at 5 and do my service. Holy shit - what a weekend. Yesterday was so much better at the boutique. I loved it. The only thing that is strange now is the bathroom. It's in the basement and it's a latch door type thing under the carpet in the dressing room - so weird. Like it's so not a wait till the last minute to pee type situation - at all. I always wait till the last minute. Okay so it was better and in fact I liked it. I won't always have to do doubles - only every other week and then eventually I can change my schedule. I was so upset that blogger was down and I couldn't write on here. I have come to really love being able to wake up and write on this blog. I have to go do service a this 5:30 meeting, walk to work and then - work. I have a cold or allergies but it's okay. I got a lot of sleep and the guys doing construction didn't come till late in the morning so it was perfect. Bye Blueberry - keep on rocking in the free world.

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