Sunday, May 8, 2011

What are the good things?

I need to write about the good things. I made enough money to pay the bills I need to pay. Actually once I pay these bills off I will be able to save the same money I'm spending now on these bills and move. I ate really healthy food before I went to work and I went to an adorable meeting I had never been to. I want to go back I really liked it. I sent my mother a Mother's Day Card - I hope she got it. I just - I don't know how much longer I can waitress - it's awful. It's so totally awful. I feel like someone beat me up after every shift. Well okay - I need to apply to other jobs. Maybe I could work more retail? Something else. I got enough sleep last night - that's a good thing and it's absolutely gorgeous out - that's a wonderful thing. I have today off and I had said maybe I would work but I can't. I need to get some things and and work on my piece for next Sunday. My cousin sent me an email about my uncle and it is so heartbreaking. So very, very sad. I just - I'm not sure if I can take it but I'm going to do the best I can and do what Her Lady Wonder suggests for me to do. I am going to go back to alanon this week. Okay I need to walk Miss Doggie - she woke me up - it was so cute. She wnated to tell me Happy Mother's Day. Aw my poor father - no Mom for him this year. Last year we had a big brunch for all of them - it was so fun. Awww. Sad day after a hard weekend. It will be okay. There are lots of things to be happy and grateful for. I'm breathing - that's something right??? Bye Blueberry!!

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