Sunday, May 8, 2011

Okay I'm back after walking the dog

and I think this is what happened. I went shopping today and I left the house without showering, praying or meditating. I really need to do those things before I leave the house. I just also feel very uncomfortable and I'm tired. I think trying to shop that way is not good. I also - ugh - I don't know. I got all squirrelly after seeing Soft Hugger today. He was trying to chat with me and I was so uncomfortable. I just feel so uncomfortable in general. I just felt so much better after walking the dog but now I'm writing this and I'm getting all in my head again. I'm just going to breathe and get to bed soon. I will brush my teeth and be glad that I didn't drink or drug today. Christ Almighty - what the fuck? When does it get better?

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