Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day.

Um I'm never totally sure what these holidays are about but this feels like a depressing one. It's rainy out and those guys are still not back yet. It's a little bit big of a house to be in alone I must say. I didn't sleep well last night - I was nervous but I also missed my really tired time - I stayed awake through it but more than that I needed more exercise. If I don't have a long, loooong walk almost everyday - I am not able to sleep well. Or at least that's what I'm saying right now. I am having my coffee and I cleaned and did laundry last night. I watered my plants and wrote in my journal. I watched a movie called "Woman on Top." It was cute. Magical - I love magical movies. It was about cooking and I miss cooking SO much!! Oh my gosh. I am so sleepy with this rain!! I'm thinking it is going to be very quiet today with the rain and the holiday. I was asked to go to the beach and on a picnic today. I was a little bummed to say no until now when I realized that wasn't going to happen anyway. I hope that meditation meeting is still happening tonight - I'm really looking forward to it and I should be able to walk there in plenty of time from work. I finally started to read the book my sister gave me for Christmas and I love it!! Such a cute book. I really enjoyed being awake and in the day yesterday - so great. I have to figure out the picture thing for my parents 50th anniversary party. I have a month to do it and lots of other things to do too. Okay so I have lots to keep me busy at work even if it isn't busy. Time to meditate. Ooooo - so early and I'm already a little bit late. Bye Blueberry!!! P.S. Lunch with my friend was great!! She is doing really well - she has grown - so awesome to see.

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