Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday is here and I have

the day off. I made just enough money this weekend to be able to pay my bills but not really enough to live off of for the rest of the week or to go to the wedding. I'm working one more night before I go and hopefully that will be enough. I have my dear friend coming in today and I can't wait to see her!! This will be fun. Tall Not so Dark And Creepy was just up here stomping around and doing laundry like he does. He STOMPS around and makes tons of noise and then when he has "sex people" over he sneaks up and down the stairs. How hilarious is that? It's like something a 2 year old would do. Okay so anyway work was so hard this weekend but I got to work and I managed to not completely stuff my face with all sorts of disgusting food. I can pay these bills and that's amazing. I am so excited for the weekend and to do a little traveling. I have to go and walk the Miss Doggie - she is staring at me. Love her so much!! I will miss her next weekend - Larni is going to take her for me. I will need to give him some money also. I have to figure that out.....Okay - let's enjoy this day - love you Blueb....

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