Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm stressed out now

and I actually do have the day off. I'm going to meet my cousin, need to ask T.N.S.D.A.C. if he can pick up some furniture from her place with his car for me (I hope he can - maybe I can take a cab?), I have therapy, and then a meeting. My nails need to be done, I have to clean - I haven't done yoga and I am so fucking tired. The bartender at work was so supportive of me being sober. He said I look so much better - younger. He said it was great and that he battled his demons before he finally met his wife and got happy. Well I am trying to really accept that won't happen for me or that I can still have a very happy, wonderful, full life however it turns out. I really wish I had more time right now but I watched Six Feet Under when I got home last night and I really needed to sleep. He started to play the Guzheng so I would have been awoken at some point before I wanted to anyway so this is just as well. I'm going to try to take a different train to my cousin's so I don't have to walk through the Times Square tunnel. Oh boy. I'm going to walk the dog - it's gorgeous out - totally beautiful - a great reason to get outside!!

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