Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Monday and I'm

so far so good sort of. I have plans and that's good. I'm going to therapy, a meditation meeting and then a show. I already prayed and meditated and walked the dog. I remember years ago hearing this guy talking about walking his dog and he always made it seem like such a fucking amazing accomplishment. Now I get it. I wished I didn't but I do. Tall Not So Dark And Creepy apologized for leaving all that stuff outside my door. They are building shelves so they had to get everything out of the laundry room. That was very nice of him. Soft Hugger was there last night at the meeting and he came over and hugged me. He said he hoped I felt better. That was so nice - everyone was so nice. I'm waiting for Her Lady Wonder to call me back but it might not happen. I didn't go to the doctor today. I will go tomorrow after the meeting I'm going to run. Do you know what? I asked my friend to read my chart and she said - I don't know - it was kind of vague what she said but she seemed to indicate that I won't be very happy with what is going on but that it will be okay and I will be better for it. Huh. That probably isn't at all what she said. I need to go - I have to pick up some things before therapy and I still need to shower. I love typing on here. I feel the same way about typing as I do painting. I love the way it feels in my fingers - I like the flow of energy out of my hands. The delicate movement. It feels like dancing with my finger tips. That's all for now. Bye Blueberry. Thanks for being here today.

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