Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So I guess along with my lumpy breast

I have a lumpy stomach. HE said it's nothing to worry about and to just eat healthy and exercise and not smoke and live a long time!! He was really cute. I mean - like he was a cute guy. So bizarre. I felt so much better when I left the doctor and I went and got myself a healthy delicious lunch and some beautiful green apples from Whole Foods. I also got more of the chocolate hazelnut butter - holy crap of amazingness. I loooove that stuff so much. I put it on ezekial bread with ground flax on top. As far as I am concerned that is healthy enough. I had grilled salmon and roasted asparagus and I put olive oil, garlic, and black pepper on it. Fucking delicious. We are shooting another video tomorrow only I am not filming I'm playing a nun who double dutches and is wearing an eye patch that keeps switching from eye to eye. Hahahaaa - I loooove that. I can't wait to double dutch!! I was a double dutch champion in the 8th grade but it was kind of an accident. We went to the tournament and I got so nervous that I couldn't stop jumping. I had this super weird rythm going and I just got stuck in it. All the other girls were jumping really, really fast and kept getting caught up in the ropes. They judge you on how many consistant steps you take so because I kept jumping I had the most steps and we won. We were called The Rainbow Connection and I wore rainbow suspenders. I'm not even fucking kidding. So anyway that's how I know how to double dutch even though it still doesn't really make any sense. And why we are nuns and I have an eye patch is to hard to explain. I have to pee and I am so glad I don't have to worry about this lump anymore. Bye blueberry!!!

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