Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I swam!!

I went to my meeting with my bathing suit already on and that helped. I swam and then I got into the steam room, came home and took a 3 hour nap. I played my ukulele and wrote a little bit and I also uploaded some photos from the trip. I realized that if I went to meetings while I was away and went right to one when I got back I probably would have had an easier time of it - for sure. I was so grumpy today. So okay - lesson learned and now is not the time (or ever) for me to beat myself up about it. I have 2 shows booked and so let's see where that takes me. Time to pray/meditate/do some yoga and go to sleep. It is amazing to me how much work it is to take care of myself and how much more work I have to do. I am getting better though and if I would just listen to Her Lady Wonder a little more completely I would probably feel a lot better sooner. Goodnight Blueberry!!

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