Friday, July 8, 2011


I am back in the city and I am at the boutique and it is so boring I could scream!! I had an amazing week and I am so okay about being 40 now. I went to the beach, snuggled with dogs and people and had an amazing time. I just looked up an old boyfriend (a different one) and do you know what? I AM OVER IT!!!. It's so fucking boring. I am so fucking bored of looking at other people live their lives and feeling like I ruined something. Totally boring - just like drinking was - I'm OVER it. I feel lke I can breathe again. I'm all over the place. Sort of. Why isn't anyone coming in here? I sold 2 things so far - NOT MY BEST DAY!!! I'm not even crying so I have no idea what the turn off is. It's Friday and everyone is at the beach maybe. I got home yesterday from being in Ct. and the creepy landlord had actually left my door unlocked with the keys IN the door still. He also left a window WIDE open. Cretona was like - ugh - well now you know - he was in there!! He said he went up earlier in the week and the door was wide open. Well I don't know - I really want to post something on his facebook wall. You know what - that is boring also. I am bored of being filled with rage about what a gross person he is. A woman just came in but she left without buying anything. Cretona and I had a great chat. Did I say this already? He is moving out because the landlord drives him nuts. HE LIVES THERE FOR FREEEEEEE!!!! Holy fucknuts. Time for a poem!!!

I have to pee.

Down the trap door I will go

Literally and literally.

I'm bored with my rage and still it lingers

But growing behind it is something new.

I hope it is dewy love and not from a duck.

I still have to pee.

Long story short on my life.

MY LIFE. P.S. The landlord is still a fucking creep. He probably jerks of on my bed.

Byeee blueberryyyyy.

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