Friday, July 22, 2011

Positive list...

or just a positive paragraph. I am much more comfortable now than yesterday. I have a heating pad that is beautiful and can use it for my belly. I just had a delicious Kind bar and I have other healthy food here. I paid my bills and for now all my bills are paid and I sent my best friend more of the money I owe her. 2 more months and she will be paid back. I can get my nieces and nephews some presents from Christmas and their birthdays that I always miss. It is quiet right now here and that is so heavenly it makes me want to cry. Or just be happy that it's quiet. I have coffee and lots of it because I finally realized to buy it from Dunkin Donuts, where it's cheaper and I get one for free (the ground up coffee beans). I made an appointment to do my taxes - okay I sent him an email - I'm sure he will get back to me. I have this computer which I love and appreciate so much. Right now I can breathe and eat well today and rest. Okay - there's my paragraph. I love you Bluebie - thank you for being here.

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