Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here at the boutique...

and it's hot but I found a fan (that she told me about) in the basement and so it's not too bad in here. I have the doors open (which she also told me about) and so there is a flow of air. I had a salad and so I took a poop - you're welcome. I can never eat white flour again - it just binds me up. And makes me SWELL. Seriously so why does it have to be sooo fucking delicious? What is more delicious than pasta or bread or bread and pasta together? Maybe bread, pasta, cheese and a side of ice cream. With a coke. Anywho. So I am here and it's an okay day and she's going to give me a day off and I am in love with Anais Nin. Holy cow - what a lady. I have been looking at schools to maybe get my Master's. Maybe I should look at writing programs. Now THAT sounds awesome. I would love to do something where I am helping or working with kids but as I look at these programs I get sort of lack luster. I suppose I should look at these writing programs and see how THOSE make me feel. Huh?? I just don't have the umff back - really back for performing and maybe I just never will. I have to accept that. I suppose I could get my Master's in Theater? Barf. Let's look at writing - I will let you know how that goes. Bye Bluebie.

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