Friday, July 15, 2011


I'm so confused as to how I am signed in on this without having signed in. Let's see I must have signed in and NOT signed out!! I'm serioulsy gifted in the detective department. Okaaaay so I am here at the boutique and it's a beautiful day outside - nice and sunny and not too hot. It's also not humid which is amazing because I swell like a pig in the humidity. OH MY GOD SOMEONE STOLE SOMETHING. Fuck - of course. One of these leather cuffs - fuck. I think it was the ConEd girl. How can I know? I called the owner and she is going to FREAK OUT. Jesus Christ. I can't take this - it's so stressful. I feel so exhausted and. People who steal are evil. This makes me sick. Okay - well let's hope she doesn't totally make me cry hysterically OR pay for it. I am NOT paying to that bracelet. The girl has still not come back to check the meter - I really think it was her. What the heck? She must have a problem. I need to lay down but I can't. Bye Blueberry.

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