Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This isn't going to be very positive.

I just woke up and it wreaks of cigarette smoke in my room. I went downstairs lat night to walk the dog and the landlord and his (barf) boyfriend were making out on the couch and they acted do RIDICULOUS about it. Like I was walking in to their bedroom. AND they were laughing and giggling and it made me feel really badly. It hurt my feelings and it made me really mad. And he said that Boris doesn't smoke anymore as of yesterday. Right. Well someone does. He thinks it's someone living next door? He is such a fucking liar. Look I don't know who it is I just know it is driving me fucking insane. It's making me sick and fucking up my time living here even more. I keep looking outside when I smell it and I don't see anyone. I don't see anyone and I don't see any smoke. So it is coming from inside the house or he said maybe from next door and they have a broken window that it's coming out of? I'm knocking on their door. Oh yes I will. Poor dogie is smoking too then. What the fuck? I can't help it I fucking hate living here and I feel trapped. Okay well I'm glad I wrote that because it's not necessarily true. I have options and I can save my money and move. Okay. I just feel pushed out and I'm so fucking tired. I was trying to nap yesterday and that's when he turns on the washer. Why wouldn't he WANT that thing fixed? And I can guarantee as soon as it is fixed he will start playing that hideous instrument again at all sorts of awful hours. I'm in such a bad mood. So totally fucking grumpy. You know what really pisses me off? That his boyfriend doesn't pay to live here and neither does Cretona. All I want is peace and quiet and fresh air. I don't make noise or do ANYTHING. I don't even use the kitchen anymore. I need to wash my hair. I'm extra grumpy from that. I guess. Cigarette smoke. What a selfish fucking past time smoking is. Horrible.

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