Monday, March 28, 2011

Holy fuck.

I am so much neater, cleaner and more organized of a person. I think I have finally gotten most of the way in to the present year. It has taken me almost 1 year and 7 months to have a REMOTELY clean and organized life. It also has taken me this entire time to catch up on countless movies and TV shows that I was heartbroken about missing out on and couldn't figure out how to watch them. When you and by you I mean me - spend hours upon hours drinking, smoking cigarettes, marijuana and humping the radiator - there is no time for Netflix, Blockbuster, Cable or even just whatever I could watch online. I did watch a lot of porn. And I NEVER watch it now. Not because I think something is wrong with it but because I'm not interested in it. There's just so much else to do. Okay I watch a little bit of porn. Ugh sooo I just washed my coffee mug and my coffee maker and that feels like SO fucking amazing to me. First of all I never had a coffee maker 2 years ago and if I had one I wouldn't have washed it until it got completely horrendous OR I would have washed it when I was shit faced and completely fucked it up. I used to drink and clean all the time. What a nightmare. I have now started to read again. I think these glasses are really helping me read. That's so ridiculous - OF COURSE they are helping me read - they are reading glasses. I love to read in bed and on the subway and both were very difficult when I was high but next to impossible when I got sober and didn't figure out for 1 year and 5 months that I don't need a new LAMP - I need glasses. I sort of see doubleish when I don't use the reading glasses. What did I really think was happening? Oh well - who cares I have the glasses and I am now reading an amazing book and my life is still getting cleaner but I have a way to go. It's now time for me to sleep. What a day I had!! Holy cow. Good noggin Blueberry!!

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