Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good Morning and it's actually

morning!! Imagine that? My sleep has finally adjusted and as long as I exercise I can sleep at night now. That is so fucking amazing to me also. I sort of thought last night that I wasn't tired when I needed to go to bed but I got really tired really fast. I - ugh - have this lump on my belly near my belly button. Did I talk about this already? The snake doctor has me doing something to help it but I should really make an appointment to have it looked at. It's honestly scaring me. Okay well so I said it and it's not a secret and I also am - well a human. Things happen. Time for me to be really REALLY nice to myself. I am tired. I got 8 hours of sleep and I'm still sleepy. Like for real tired. This coffee hasn't kicked in yet and I also woke up to cigarettes sooooo that can't have helped my sleep. Okay I will write more later. Love and gratitude, love and gratitude.

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