Sunday, March 20, 2011

Off to Ct.

And boy is my throat tired. I have no voice - it's all raspy and hurts from this cold. Work only made it worse last night. I worked too long - I stayed longer and worked the third show because of Greatest American Hero plus it was my friends birthday and well - okay - I worked and I lost my voice and I'm SO tired but I can't wait to get to the farm and breathe some fresh AIR!!!! Woo-hoo - so psyched for THAT!! Well Her Lady Wonder just told me it's none of my business how he acts or what anyone does or thinks for that matter. I will get there - to that place where I don't care what anyone thinks. Hopefully. I can't beat myself up for working more - I needed the money and it's done now. Gotta run - love you Blueb.

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