Thursday, March 24, 2011

I need to wash my hair.

I have that weird I can't think or focus right thing happening that happens when I need to wash my hair. It really affects me. Effects me. What is the difference between those words? I did some writing last night and I have to say I'm not sure about sharing it. Seriously what the fuck am I doing letting this kid give me a homework assignment and then actually being nervous about showing what I've done. Listen I know how I am when I don't like someones stuff - meaning writing. I'm awful. I just get so annoyed when it's not good or interesting or even - short. Let's see - okay I need to work this out. The great part is that I wrote. For sure. I have to start somewhere. Why aren't I performing? I am so confused. Is this the dirty hair talking? I don't know. I need to wash my hair, do some yoga, pray and meditate. I did already meditate this morning but I also fell asleep afterwards so I'm not sure how much I did. I still always smell cigarette smoke so I just open my windows and turn on the fan and the central air fan. All that heat going right out the windows!! I can NOT take it otherwise. Anyway so of course the main reason why I am worried about showing my work is that I want him to "like" me and I am "caring" what he thinks. Ugh okay I posted something I wrote someplace else and all of this will work itself out. I need to go to work and make money. Holy shit I have to take the dog to the vet next week and pay for a new microsoft word package thingy. How can I get it for free? I just sent someone my resume and I called someone else about a job. I am going so fast and if I don't wash my hair soon - like in the next 5 minutes I'm going to explode. Have to get to Barnes and Noble and pick up a book before work. And calcium - I need more calcium. Less food and soda and more calcium. BYEEEE!!!!!!!!

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