Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm sick again.

I'm sick again. Sore throat, clogged head and ears, post nasal drip, cold chills, stuffy drippy nose and I just feel horrible. I can not believe I'm sick again. I really feel like someone is trying to kill me. I'm heading towards depression again. There goes my day and my shows planned for tomorrow and tonight I got nothing done. Well I bought some clothes. A pretty shirt, bra and some pants. All of it from TJ Maxx. I hope I still like the things tomorrow. I feel so fucking sick. I probably have a fever. Oh duh - I can take my temperature. I already took advil which only helped a tiny bit. I will never get anywhere in my life if I just have rotating weeks of depression and then physical illness. I miss romance. I need to take my temperature. Oh I totally have a temperature. Fuck. Okay - look if I have to stay home tomorrow I have to stay home. I'm supposed to go to Ct. on Sunday and I have a lunch date with Carrie on Monday. I've been drinking vinegar, taking zinc, drinking water and resting. I have the humidifier on right now and ugh - okay in minute I need to go to sleep. Having a fever makes it done for me - I can't do anything. Maybe I won't get really depressed and maybe I will finally NOT eat ANYTHING from work. No one else's food and just never put anything in my mouth unless I have JUST washed my hands. The smoke that comes in here doesn't help at all. Not one bit. I have to lay down - I'm done.

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