Monday, March 21, 2011


Holy fuck what a couple of days. I made my amends to my friend and that was fabulous - she was awesome about it and very appreciative of me wanting to spend time with her again. We went to lunch at this adorable place in Mystic by the water and the food GLORIOUS. Holy shit - the seafood by the sea is amazing. Plus I had a burger - whaaaaatt? Why not:). My parents are totally hilarious and crazy - they really crack me up. We found tons of old black and white pictures and their wedding album from Japan. They looked so happy on their wedding day and for a good number of years after that even. I joked to my mother that they had one good day at least!! wow they were hot shit - sexy fuckers they were. So young I guess maybe that had something to do with it. Haha - always funny those two. I have worked long and hard to understand where I come from and I can tell you this - I come from a goofy couple of people. So much love between them in these pictures. The people across the street have a baby goat and around this time of night it starts crying for food and it is LOUD. Holy fucking weirdness I forgot how bizarre sounding goats are. They call goats kids right?? I had to ask my father what it was. It sounds like a little girl is out there calling to someone. Okaaaay so this has been a good trip and even though I have no voice and gross colors are still coming out of my face - it has been totally worth it. The picture I added to this is of one of my favorite spots in the world - we almost always go there when I visit. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall we go to the beach. I love that sea air so much. And yesterday was such a pretty, sunny day. I'm so tired! Love you Blueb - talk to you soon!!

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