Saturday, December 7, 2013

Up, down, confused - more lesbian meeting.

Okay - yesterday I had a great day - I really did - I got up, picked up my headshots, went to the audition and passed it this time, dropped off pictures to my new manager, went and got my check, went to a meeting, went to therapy, went to class - came home.  GREAT!  It was raining all day and I still loved it.  Today - today I worked for 9 hours at the new job and then at the end of the day someone fucked up so we couldn't get paid - UGH.  Now the guy who hired me is leaving and he scheduled me for the whole week of Christmas AND - AND for the days of the new year - WHEN I WORK AT THE STORE.  But he is leaving so what does he care.  But  I went to that lesbian meeting again and that made me feel so much better.  I stayed for the whole thing and I came home and bought myself groceries and took out the trash, put on the humidifier with grapefruit oil in it and burned some incense.  I have on my pj's and I ate some yummy food.  I mean years ago I couldn't even put on pj's - I couldn't let myself be that comfortable.  And listen if it doesn't work out at this job that's fine because I want to ACT and do COMEDY and make MOVIES and have fun AND GET PAID FOR IT.  Do you know who the worst people in the world are?  People who want eggs at 8 in the morning only for some bizarre reason they don't want to make it themselves.  I guess it's all the way too early eaters and way too late eaters - they just suck balls.  Anyway - so well - I am going to concentrate on doing my best at this job but realizing it might be a total cluster fuckness with this guy leaving - holy fuck.  Or not - who knows.  Whatever - I'm sober - that's good right?  Thank God for that and what else?  I still love my teacher - oh my GOD more than ever.  He helped me so much with the audition!!  But that's HIS JOB - ugh - it's not because he loves me. HAhahahhahahHA - I'm 14 years old.  Ew.  Barf.  I have to go.  I love you and your cyber Blueberriness.

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