Sunday, December 15, 2013

More stew, more perception.

Larni made me laugh so hard today at work I got my period - a day early!  What the fuck?  Anyway - it was an okay day - I still love this job one million times more than the other waitressing job but I'm over being poor - I mean I am OVER IT.  That being said - I worked hard, went to a meeting and then went to Whole Foods and got stuff to make lentil, sweet potato stew in my crock pot.  I came home and made it!  I even did the dishes and took out the garbage.  So - so for less than the amount of money I paid for one order of stew from that place that always forgets my hot sauce - I just made enough stew for an entire week.  I also wanted to have something for my friend who is a vegan now.  I'm so tired.  Ugh.  I keep going.  I got mad while I was making the stew but then I remembered I WANTED to make the stew - hello - and that I LOVE to cook.  Then I was like - ugh this is so perception.  I always think I'm a victim but hello - I am not.  What?  I'm so tired - I can't think straight.  This is one thing I think for sure.  I have to do my comedy differently.  How?  I don't know - things have to be different - I need to take a different road a different approach - I need a different perception for that also.  So as an alcoholic I have a terrible perception of everything - like I guess if I were touching the elephant in the room I would always think I was touching the butt hole - right?  Do you know what I'm talking about?  Anyway - so whoa - my perception of my art also has been way off.  Okay - well - I don't know.  I mean I don't know.  Yeah I said that 5 times.  Do you know what's really weird?  I have less neck wrinkles lately.  I mean my neck looks different - less wrinkley.  I don't know - I look less old - how crazy is that?  It's amazing right?  Is it not being up till 3 in the morning at the comedy club?  Was the stress of it really so toxic that it gave me neck wrinkles or am I just more hydrated somehow?  My eyes don't leak as much either.  My eyes would leak so much the day after working there.  Just really watery eyes - for houuurs.  Good lord.  Comedy party tomorrow night.  Comedy Holiday party - I should go.  Love you Bluebie bye.

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