Thursday, December 26, 2013


Okay so I made a list of goals for 2014 and one of them is to have fun.  Also I realized that that is what I want from a relationship - I want to have fun.  I saw some family tonight and we had fun.  I did a show and they came and then we went to another show and that was fun.  FUN.  I have always had this romantic, painful notion of what a relationship should be like.  The hot guy who is in emotional turmoil, I'm in turmoil - and together somehow we have fun and have a life?  EW and no and DONE.  I want to have FUN!!  What is the fucking POINT otherwise.  Dear LORD I feel like my fun is about to burst out of me.  I'm so tired - more working tomorrow - worked today and I did a good job on the show.  Yeah - and it was fun.  Maybe I should say fun one more time.  Ha.  Love you Bluebie - you're the tops.  OH ALSO WE DANCED TONIGHT!!  I'm getting a head start on my goal to DANCE.  Which is fun!  Okay bye.

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