Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oh my GOD - how did I ever do anything before?

I worked at the store today and I had to rearrange the whole place so I really had to WORK today - blech.  I worked on my audition after work with my teacher, ran over to my friends and wrote a little bit and ran back to the studio to rehearse for class.  Do you know I ordered food from this place this morning and they have the best hot sauce and I always ask for it and they always forget it - or they forgot it once or twice.  Anyway they forgot it today and when I called back the guy said "Yeah he will bring it" and then HUNG UP ON ME!!  I was so mad!!  Oh my GOD - it's not my fault you have amazing hot sauce or that you gave it to me by mistake once and that's how I know I even LIKE IT.  Jerks.  SO I called him BACK AGAIN and I said "he doesn't have to bring it and you hung up on me and that wasn't nice!!"  And he said sorry and the guy brought the hot sauce and I'm never ordering there again.  I ate that hot sauce and tried to figure out how to make that meal I ordered at home.  How can I ever order there again?  One time I ordered chicken and they brought tofu instead (this was before I even KNEW about the hot sauce) and I ate it and then ordered tofu from them all the time.  What turds.  I was proud of myself that I called them back and it WASN'T nice that he hung up on me!!  Well at least I'm over it.  Well so I am exhausted now - I need to go to sleep.  Oh boy - my teacher doesn't love me dear blog - however not?  Who cares.  I guess I am growing in the direction of warmth.  What?  I mean it's not fun to pine for someone who isn't interested.  Oh my GOD I need to sleep - I love you Bluebie bye.

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