Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sober gifts.

Last night when I was in class I thought of how terrified I was to be in that class at the beginng and how it was such a wonderful gift I have given myself that I have stayed in the class and how much it has given me in my creative life.  I mean - my acting has grown so much from being in the class - I have learned so much - such an amazing gift.  Okay then I thought about how I am sober and how I have always wanted to be sober and how I feel so blessed to also be sober.  Then I thought well - I have these things right?  I am a sober woman and I am a growing - even if slowly - artist.  These are such beautiful, wonderful, amazing gifts to have.  I don't have any material things to speak of - besides amazing bangs at the moment - but I do have more peace of mind than I have ever had in my life that I can think of.  Or - whatever - I am a sober woman who is in love with her acting teacher but at least I am becoming a much better actress because he is an excellent teacher.  To be fair I'm in love with 50 other people but still - I love him.  Haha - okay I have to go waitress brunch.  HA!  Sigh.  I love you Bluebie - bye.

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