Monday, December 23, 2013


Let's just start with where I am - right man???  I just went to the grocery store right off the train to try and find once again the peppermint bark haagen daaz ice cream that I can't find anywhere.  So I am psychotically searching through the ice cream section and someone walked by and growled at me and it was that creepy man who rubbed me weird at that meeting.  He smiled all weird and said something weird and I said "Hi."  He said "how are you" - I said - "Yeah - good."  That was it - I was polite and short and I couldn't find the ice cream so I left.  He was standing in line and said - I'm not kidding - "Sorry I didn't mean to growl at you" - then started growling more - of course - along with some grunting - I'm not kidding and I said "Have a good night."  I got the fuck out of there and at this moment I can have compassion for him because he didn't look very well and I suppose he is not and Lord knows - I know how that is right?  I really, really do.  That being said - I can have my boundaries and take care of myself and not only that - I SHOULD.  Jesus.  I want absolutely nothing to do with that man at all.  Okay - so that's all - I was really proud of myself for not only being short but polite but even for STILL being kind as he was grunting at me in the super market.  Like a monkey - it was so bizarre.  I mean I had on my waitressing clothes - dirty sneakers - I was a mess - and I was psychotically searching through the freezer.  Okay I'm not writing about this anymore it was so annoying.  I had a decent day - I worked hard and I got myself some cute underwear.  GOOD FOR ME.  I also dry shampooed my hair this morning and that was fun.  I also took a dry shower which means I didn't take a shower and I feel super gross right now.  I tried to tell myself that in the 1800's no one took a bath for months at a time so one day is like nothing.  Turns out it's a lot.  Oh BOY.  I'm so tired and I still have 6 more days of work this week and 2 shows.  That's okay though!  2 shows is awesome!  I don't have class for 3 weeks so 2 shows is amazing.  Okay - love you Bluebie.

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