Tuesday, December 10, 2013

So grumpy.

Ugh - I was going to write why - but who cares?  I just am - I'm so grumpy.  Ugh - it will get better and it will shift and change.  Hopefully after I walk to this meeting and after I walk to class.  Usually the walking helps make me feel better and - dear GOD - I can't help any more people.  There's this one woman who comes in here - at least once a week when I'm working and she looks and asks questions AND NEVER BUYS ANYTHING EVER.  She always acts like a VICTIM which is EXACTLY WHAT I AM DOING RIGHT NOW.  Ohh boy.  A customer said that to me the other day.  He asked me for something while I was doing something else and I was flustered and he said "OH - I didn't mean to put you out this early in the morning (yes - like a douche).  So I said "Ohhh - are you being passive aggressive (all sing-songy - go fuck yourself type way)?"  Then he said "Oh boy.  Ohhh boy."  I laughed like a turd and walked away and then 10 minutes later the rest of his party arrived and they were my table - OF COURSE.  Then he said "I have to apologize - I AM passive aggressive!"  SO I said "Good job - you did it!"  Ohhhh boy.  That was nice right?  He must have had a halfway decent mother or he has grown tremendously from a bad one.  Oh my God - what?  What am I talking about?  I'm so out of it - okay bye Bluebie bye.

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