Friday, December 27, 2013

No hot water this morning......

and I was SO upset and I couldn't take a shower.  Do you know when I was drinking I NEVER took a shower.  Never - hardly ever and certainly not that often.  One time I didn't wear deodorant for like months - I'm not sure why - to avoid getting Alzheimer's I think - which is SO ironic since I was getting high every 2 minutes, smoking cigarettes and drinking like a fish.  Okaaaay.  So I only really smell bad in my left armpit and so I burned a hole in a bunch of my t-shirts armpits on the left side.  I was working one night at this comedy club and I backed up near this comic with my left armpit by his face and he was like "Oh My GOD - you smell like an Indian cab driver."  And he said it soooo shocked and confused and QUIETLY.  Haha - GROSS.  So today was one day where I couldn't take a shower and I was so upset!  I just got distracted - I got up and ate some hummus - oh dear God I hope that wasn't a bad idea.  Anyway I worked today and I wasn't supposed to and I went tot his meeting and in the middle of it my therapist called and asked where I was because I totally forgot to go to the therapy.  Do you know the most amazing thing?  I was at a meeting right around the corner.  Oh my God it was so crazy to me.  So awkward too because I jumped up and ran out of the meeting like a crazy person after I had already moved once to get away from a lady with such cunty energy I had to move.  I had to move!!  She was such a cunt.  That can't be nice to say.  Well I didn't say it - I got up and moved - good for me.  I saw my sisters and my niece yesterday and they watched my show and then we went to see a band play and we danced and it was sooooooooo much fun.  I am dancing this year.  I'm having fun and I'm dancing.  I have to get up and waitress brunch at 6 am.  Talk about fun!  Love you Bleubie - you are my dream.

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