Thursday, December 5, 2013

Home after small gay meeting and I'm so depressed.

I'm not getting back into the swing of comedy - I'm so fucking tired and I'm SORE and seriously - the super never, ever, EVER stops smoking cigarettes.  I'm too in this - I'm too up close to myself - I'm losing it.  I feel depressed that's all.  I went to this little tiny, gay mens meeting and I felt SO MUCH BETTER afterwards.  I just need rest I guess.  I'm crazy PMS or something.  I took Advil, I will take a bath and do some yoga.  I'm just lonely and miserable - UGH.  Okay - time to stop writing again - it's just so scary - I've been so much better and now - I'm crazy again.  But - well - tomorrow is a new day.  Right?  I mean it is - whatever.  Okay - bye.  UGH.

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