Monday, December 2, 2013


The day was okay - I came home to a check for an acting job I did in October and how AMAZING is that?  Not only that but I went back to that meeting around the corner from my apartment where that creepy man rubbed me.  I took back my power and Larni told me if he comes near me again all I have to do is say "Boundaries - no" to him.  Haha - or just not interact with him.  Oh my GOD - okay.  The job is so sexually charged - it's SO FUN.  Now - what - I have to go - I have stuff to work on and I need to get myself ready for my work week at the boutique and my audition and class.  I have to say I'm really not sure about me and comedy.  Maybe it's not meant to be or at least not meant to be the way I'm doing it.  My acting totally went up a notch by taking this class - right?  So I feel like something has to happen with my comedy.  Maybe I could meet one on one with some teachers - some women I respect.  I have to push past something I can feel it.  I'm lost.  Okay - so - okay - let's do this.  I need to call my sponsor and - call her.  Okay - I love you Bluebie bye.

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