Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oh ugh.

I feel so gross.  I mean physically - is it because I have taken Melatonin the 3 nights and maybe I didn't or shouldn't have?  Is it the burgers I have eaten almost every single day?  Is it the bacon - a lot of bacon and Swiss - a lot of Swiss and cheddar - a lot of cheddar grilled cheese with a side of buffalo chips dipped in ketchup with a side of mint chocolate chip ice cream I had for dinner?  IS THAT IT?  WHY WOULD THAT MAKE ME FEEL BAD??  I have RAGING PMS - raging.  Oh - I just remembered I brought myself Advil - hold please.  Okay - I took the Advil.  I'm upset and sad but I'm mostly PMS - that's the truth.  I think I should just relax and read my book - that's what I'm going to do - it's so quiet here at the store and I have nothing to give - nothing.  Whatever.  What?  I'm bitter right now - so bitter.  I have a lot to be grateful for and I - okay - I'm just going to stop at that.  I'm not going to drink today and I'm going to read.  Bye Bluebers - love you.

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