Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh boy.

Great start to the day - couldn't get out of bed and bad dreams all night.  I'm not exhausted - I just could not deal with getting out of bed.  Anyway - I finally did and I got to work but just now as I was crossing the street right near the subway - this woman in front of me seemed as though she was walking into the subway - mainly because she was turning and walking down into the subway - so I looked to the left to see if I could cross and suddenly we ran into each other - hard.  So she said sorry but I was so taken aback and looked at her crazy and she was like (okay first of all I have to say she had that 80' hair-do that's all fluffy and bangy but not because it's cool but because she has had that same hair-do since the 80's) "Okay - relax - you ran into me - caaalm down!"  Right?  So I was like - "Oh boy - get away from this beefy bitch - right?  She had that Brooklyn accent and I was JUST on time for work and didn't have time for a fight so I was like - all sing-songy "Okaaaay byeeeeee" and I ran across the street while she said "Fucking crazy people!"  Then I kept running and looking back all passive aggressively while she glared at me and when I finally got into the store I looked in the mirror and with my wet, greasy looking hair and not make-up and psycho look an my face I was like - "Holy shit - I look INSANE."  Fucking nuts.  So I think I am doing great at detaching with love and - what else?  Ugh - I'm so sad.  Painful.  Haha - not about that lady but - well - okay - I have to go - bye Bluebers.

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