Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day got better....

Although it did get bad after I got there - the computer opened the wrong operating system and I rang something wrong in and the owner was upset - blah, blah - sort of.  I called support - they fixed it but fucked something else up and I finally spoke to this woman - who oddly enough had that same Brooklyn accent and after I told her what happened she said "Oh - you've had a great morning so far!"  Which made me laugh.  Then the owner came in and was there for AWHILE - which was so great - I felt way more taken care of and like the store was more taken care of.  This is so boring.  Anyway - the day totally turned around.  At the very end of the day - after my big meeting I went to Duane Reade and I realized on the train that they didn't give me a receipt and I seemed overcharged so I called when I got home.  The manager explained all the prices and besides asking me if the guy who helped me had "piercing green eyes"  - which I said - I honestly don't know I was looking at his dick - just kidding.  I mean I really didn't know but after he told me all about the prices and why they were different prices than other Duane Reades he was like "Oh boy - I have to go - a whole section of our store has just been robbed and cleaned out - sorry - let me go."  Okaaay - um - what?  He was like "It happens!"  I felt like an accomplice.  I have to go to sleep.  I am in clean pj's, clean sheets, flossed and brushed, gave myself a bath and had beans on toast without the toast.  Beans on a plate with eggs.  I even did the mother fucking dishes.  I'm like a - what?  What kind of warrior is it?  Small chores warrior - that's not funny.  Boring Warrior?  That made me laugh.  I in bed and how fantastic is that though?  It's so great!  I mean - you know - I have to sleep.  Good night Blueberry - I love you.

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