Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Moving day and new goals.

Moving day for him not me - I resigned my lease and now - NOW I'm gonna get TO IT.  First of all - let's see - he is moving today.  He came here to work yesterday and then went with me to the bank and walked me to my big meeting.  All of this of course was a blast.  How insane is that?  Ugh - I have so back peddled as far as breaking up with him.  Banana Rama was playing while he was here and I was telling him about their video and that stupid dance they do in the video so I did it for him and he was like "Um - is it weird that I just got a half-erection from that?"  HILARIOUS.  If you have ever seen that video for "Cruel Summer" and that completely not sexy dance that they do - it's sigh - so funny.  Now since I wrote that I feel like it's going to be a cruel summer for me.  WE LAUGH SO MUCH WHAT THE FUCK - fuck - fucking fuck.  There is just no way I can date someone else - or - I have no idea.  I like the fucking douche bag.  Whatever - but here's the thing - oh boy - creepy post office worker - creeeeep - he has a limp and smiles like he is so kind and he makes my shoulder blade feel funny - ew.  Okay - fuck - I'm all fucked up today.  This is the thing - I am going to super focus on my career, (hobby lol?), my health, my getting a new job and what else?  I need to change my diet - I'm doing this 21 day diet.  He said he would give me a present if I get on stage and do comedy again.  He is manipulating me to do something good for myself.  Fucking jerk.  My program - I'm going to focus on my program.  I have work to do here right now - put these earrings into the computer - VERY SERIOUS.  I'm so uncomfortable.  What do I want?  I mean - what is going on?  It's like he's my boyfriend again and that doesn't seem fair to me.  I mean - I don't know - right?  This is so profound - I'm exhausted.  It's so nice outside today thank GOD.  What?  Bye Bluebie - I love you. 

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